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Grassfed Beef For Sale

Why grassfed?
Grassfed beef is higher in antioxidants and lower in fat than feed lot beef. and are two websites that are full of great information.

We are very excited to now offer Belted Galloway beef for the first time this year.

We use intensive management grazing practices, provide a free choice menu of kelp, redmond salt and a custom mineral mix, and always have the best quality hay we can buy available to the cattle. We do not use animal by-products nor any hormones or daily antibiotics and no grain products at all.


*Hanging weight explained
If an animal weighs 1,100 lbs. alive (live weight) it will usually weigh about 660 lbs. after slaughter. This is the hanging weight. It is what the price per pound is based on. It is not how much packaged meat you will receive.

The Price
2011 Grassfed beef wholesale prices*
   $3.50/Lb for 1/4 beef
   NA for 1/2 beef
   NA for whole beef
*A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at time of ordering.
*price based on hanging weight.
A quarter beef will usually range from 92 lbs. to 112 lbs.


The Process
Once you have ordered your beef, we will send you a checklist, but this is a basic rundown.

Ready to buy?
Once you have decided to buy, please place your order. Your credit card will be charged the deposit through Paypal. At the time of delivery/pick-up, you will be charged the balance owed.

We do require a non-refundable deposit of $200/whole, $100/half and $50/quarter. This is applied toward your purchase.

We will send you an email confirmation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Your meat will come with cooking instructions.

Talk to the Butcher
You will discuss with the butcher what cuts of meat your family prefers. Remember, he can help you with the process.

Final Payment
To us - this is the price per pound based on hanging weight*
To Locker - this is the processing fee paid directly to the locker

Usually at the locker. Please contact us to make arrangements for delivery. We will charge a small mileage fee. You MUST take delivery when meat is ready. We will let you know a few weeks in advance of pick-up date.

Enjoy your meat!
We will include cooking tips for your leaner grassfed beef or search online.



Payments made below are for DEPOSIT only.
These prices do not include final price or butchering.

If you have ANY questions, please email or call
515-295-4810 before ordering.

Although products will not be shipped, please include full
address during ordering in case we need to contact you.

Please contact us BEFORE ordering as availability in 2011 will be very limited.

Whole Beef
Half Beef
Quarter Beef


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