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Silver Maple Farms was born out of our passion for a healthy, local and sustainable lifestyle.

In 1997, we moved back to Iowa and began searching for a farm. We spent a year driving by one particularly dilapidated old farmstead and always commented that it was a shame such a lovely old place had fallen into disrepair.

On one such drive in September, as we passed the farm, we noticed a for sale sign in the long, untended grass. We put in an offer within the day and couldn't believe our luck. The old place was ours!

After much work, still ongoing, we have revitalized the farm. Orchards have been planted, meadows and pastures reseeded with multiple grass and legume species and waterways fenced.

We have chosen heirloom breeds to help conserve the genetic diversity that once was so common on our farms, before industrialized farming.

Organic foods were not available in this area when we moved back, so we produced our own. Grassfed beef was a natural progression for us as the health benefits are well documented. It is also a low-energy, environmentally friendly way to produce meat.

We are proud to now offer you our fine, Belted Galloway grass- fed beef and the breeding genetics it comes from.

Enjoy your visit and please feel free to contact us.

The Menke family


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